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Who are we?

We are leaders in merchant services and program management. We leverage technology to enable clients in more than 212 cities & towns to create and execute strategies for digital transformation.


What best defines us?

A consulting services and/or end-to-end onboarding solutions company dedicated to offering seamless and scalable payment solutions through a well-connected merchant network.

Diwali Celebration

Our Offerings

BPO services specializing in catering services-oriented solutions according to the clients. The company provides a wide range of services ranging from recruitment & payroll management, merchant acquisition, field support, software solutions, seller onboarding, and account management to clients. Our team of  1400+ employees, across the country, is differentiated by the skills, knowledge, and experience, across industries and technologies that we bring to every project we undertake.


How do we help?

We manage headaches, literally and effectively. Once you are our customer, we focus on streamlining your business requirements with the help of technology and field support. We acquire, train, engage and scale your merchant network.



At the helm, every comprehensive service model is a core technology platform that is effective and scalable. At Plada we follow the early adoption of new technology to mitigate the threat of obsoleting. This is primarily why we have adopted and co-created effective technical platforms that support our service infrastructure efficiencies.
Plada is cognizant of the future. We have been deeply involved in the digital India movement by identifying the challenges it placed and the opportunities presented. The payment industry is going through a very rapid change and in turn exponential growth. Foreseeing this opportunity, we have leveraged knowledge and technology by setting up our own technology arm. We have forayed into the mobile applications space for field resources and automated the entire process of Lead Life Cycle Management. This foresight has helped us reduce the overall TAT by 80% and in turn increased merchant & client satisfaction.


Diwali celebration

As India grows digitally and consumers transact online, the demand for services within this domain will grow exponentially. We look forward to being at the core of this growth. We are currently strategically placed to emerge as the leaders in the Merchant Acquisition space, effectively by enhancing and expanding our service offerings.
This value remains continuous in our thoughts, a defined intention across. Everyone deserves respect, transparency, and honesty – the three pillars.
We are a well-equipped and a well-researched organization which believes in analyzing data driven statistics for growth. At Plada we are already well prepared to scale our services exponentially and excel in this ever growing digitally empowered Indian landscape. We aim to bring immeasurable value to every single Indian by making them a part of our nations growth story.

To move money and information in a way that moves world!!

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When the world speaks merchant services, what exactly comes to mind?

The concept of a merchant is experiencing a fundamental shift. While, merchant services, as understood by the world is taking an unprecedented technical leap. Consumers continue to decrease their reliance on cash and checks, and embrace electronic commerce and P2P money moving solutions. Businesses want to provide their customers the option to pay for goods and services with UPI, UPI Mandate (PRUF), credit cards, debit cards, and alternative payment products.

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What do we mean by Merchant services?

From pure acquisition for hardware installation, merchant acquisition services have moved towards an end to end model. It is about providing consulting services and/or end-to-end onboarding solutions. Investing in distribution of new merchant acquisition technology, solutions, skills development and best practices. Maintaining a knowledge base of service expertise and qualified and talented experience.
Technology has made it possible to scale transaction services as well as be agile to serve an increasing customer demand. Scalability and efficiency are not just key-words or management mantras anymore. They are realities.

Diwali Celebration

What does it mean for the future?

The one truth our future holds is being cashless, yet in a very good way. Demonetization got India thinking of a cashless future. Digital India, got the country thinking of ways to harness technology. At the helm of this cashless digital revolution, Plada Infotech has been a part of India’s digital transformation by pioneering merchant services and program management for the B2B sectors.